Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello, Karma

I can't say that I have a favorite song now. But as a little girl I did. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head. I know it's an unusual kid pick and that it dates me, but still, it was my all time favorite and I knew all the words. So when I heard it yesterday, I ran into the living room to see where this blast from my past was coming from. It just so happened that it was playing on one of the kiddy channels and my five year old daughter was already center stage.

"This is the greatest song EVER!" she remarked as she twirled around, tittering to a stop in an almost arabesque-like pose. "How do you know it already?" she asked, astonished. "Well, that was my favorite song when I was your age" I said. "I thought so" she stated serendipitously "I'm the same as you".

It was a warm and fuzzy moment. Then, like a needle screeching across a record, it was interrupted. If we are the same, I thought to myself, I'm in for it. I should have named her Karma.

Just to clarify, I'm an optimist. So why does Karma have such a bitter taste when it rolls off my tongue? After all, I've done my share of good deeds. But still, it's the seedier traits that are seeming to take root - and at an early age.

She's already started to lie, a craft I perfected during my teenage years. I got my first taste of it just days earlier when I was frantically looking for my wedding ring. "Jacqueline, have you seen Mommy's ring?" "Well, maybe" she replied. She's learning, I thought. Just months earlier she had answered, "It's not in my ballerina jewelry box", blowing it all together. A rookie mistake.

The scheming has begun also. "OK, when she's not looking we'll sneak a cupcake and hide it under the bed, OK Salem?" she whispers in her brother's ear "Yeah, hide it." "Shhhhh...just talk normal, here she comes."

Is it possible that I'm using up my bad Karma first? That must be it. Whew, I was worried there for a moment. I'm sure by the time she's sixteen my Karmic retribution will have been exacted - leaving only the good. Karma Hello. It's kind of catchy!

See, I told you I was an optimist.


Uberchik said...

Oh...let me date myself! I first heard "Raindrops..." in the movie theater at the showing of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

and...when Sally was 3ish, she walked up to me and declared in a sing-song voice, "I ate your Grandmaaaa's rrrring."

Anonymous said...

I think a 'mini Marcy' would be a treasure to behold! As a matter of fact.....I think she IS a 'mini Marcy' and you are both treasures! Love, Aunt Nancy

Uberchik said...

Miss Marcy,

What happened!? I am anxiously awaiting your Tuesday column!!!


Moose Coming May 27th!!