Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love for Sale

Jewelry says a lot about a woman. It's an outward symbol of confidence and just like a good perfume, it should compliment her, not announce her. Too much and you get fake, brassy and bawdy. Not enough, seems lacking, undecided and afraid. It's a fine balance and most of us have our standby pieces that we wear daily, feeling naked without them. But sometimes accessorizing goes beyond good fashion and gets all tangled up in emotion. Pieces that have special meaning because they were given on a special day. Sentiment made tangible in metal and stone, meant to last forever. But, what if forever didn't quite work out? What's a girl to do with a drawer full of broken dreams and heartbreaks of gold? Oh, cry me a river, because, I am not one of these girls, but I have known them. Girlfriends with engagement rings from almost every guy they ever dated and I'm sure they still have the pieces to prove it.

Leave it to the Internet to solve all your problems. A new website, http://www.exboyfriendjewelry.com/ will sell your once cherished jewelry and you can emotionally purge yourself at the same time by writing about the break-up. Currently 233 rings are for sale with post titles like, "Oops!" or "I'm a serial engager" the stories, at least to me, are entertaining and insightful. Entertaining??? Yes. Entertaining.

There is even a category for "Gifts that should have been jewelry" expensive handbags and designer sunglasses on the emotional auction block. It seems the scorned women can't get rid of this loot fast enough and one woman's desperation becomes another one's bargain.

My one piece of exboyfriend jewelry (a Gucci watch) will not be up for sale on the site. Instead, I pulled it from the sock drawer just a few days ago and took it in for a little refurbishing. After almost twenty years of asylum, I felt it was finally safe for the piece to see the light of day once again. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it in a fit of emotion. Afterall, it's a great piece, and the sentiment is wholly new from my current emotional standpoint. No longer does it remind me of a broken heart or what might have been, that dies away with time and new experiences. It's now just a pretty piece I wear again with confidence.


uberchik said...

I liked their poll. Sadly for me, I had to vote that my last love interest was a complete waste of oxygen. Which I must say, did not come as a surprise.


bloomingboomer said...

VERY interesting site! I loved the "other category"...one was a roomba vacume...'He sucked and so does the roomba"! Wear your watch and enjoy it.....does that make you a Gucci Hoochie? Remember that 'timepieces' are 'timeless;! xoxo

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