Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Part Time Model

He flashed her one of his killer smiles, his upper lip slightly higher on one side, exposing an almost imperceptible chip in his perfectly aligned front teeth. Then, with a subtleness that would leave her wondering if it had really happened, he winked one long lashed eye, before turning to grasp the hand of the woman he had come in with.

Flirting wasn't part of his vocabulary, at least not yet. There was no ulterior motive behind his actions, after all, he would never leave the woman he was with. It was charm. Not that he possessed, but that possessed him. He was born with it and it exuded him like an expensive perfume - just enough to scintillate the senses but never overpowering. A lingering sensation that he was altogether unaware of.

She hadn't noticed the woman following them as she held his hand tight, weaving their way around the racks of clothing and into the shoe department.

"What's your name?" she asked in a syrupy kind of voice as she sidled up beside the two of them.

"I'm Salem" he responded offering a hand in greeting as he gazed up to her with eyes of molten chocolate.

"He's just so cute!" she exclaimed.

"Thank you " she answered with a tight lipped smile, as if she were responsible for it all.

"Would you consider letting him model in our fashion show?"

And so, this is how he (my mini man of two) became a part-time (or possible one time) model.

We shall see how the story ends. It's this Saturday at Nordstrom if you care to see him strut his stuff.

Charm may only get you so far in life, but so far, it's getting me 15% off in the children's department this Saturday morning!

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