Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ladies Luncheon

In the English language we do not assign gender to our nouns, but certain words tend to imply it. For example, luncheon. Men don't have luncheons, they have lunch. Important men have power lunches and thinking men have working lunches. But women (at least here in the South) have luncheons. The term in and of itself is more adjective than noun; conjuring up an atmosphere of relaxation, fostered by polite conversation and an air of sophistication. The 50's era Femme with pillbox hat and patent leather pumps, accessorized with pearls, fussing with manicured civility over petite morsels and frosted beverages. Splashes of cotton candy pink and hushed greens accented by the always appropriate black sunglasses seated at an outdoor cafe.

To a passerby, the Ladies Luncheon might seem trite and insignificant, a forum for gossip and giggles. Its' outward appearance gives away nothing of its' more meaningful agenda. There is no aura of glamor in the term 'Group Therapy' but it is a better fit for what is occurring.

If a crazy lady screams in a forest and no one else is around, does she still make a sound? The answer to this is No. She needs compadres who are keen listeners, able to console, empathize and offer advice. Others who have had similar experiences and can provide feedback in the form of comic relief. And this, along with the opportunity to dress in something other than my mommy uniform of khaki shorts and t-shirts, is why I look forward to the monthly Ladies Luncheon.

Often much of what is discussed is that from which we are briefly fleeing- kids, jobs, daily ho-hum. This is the cathartic portion of the session, but also, and no less significant, is the visualization segment.

At this Saturdays' luncheon, fueled by bottomless Mimosas and Bellinis, those in attendance, fantasized a girls' trip A La Paris. The logistics ironed out over a sampling of cheeses drenched in honey. The absentees were considered, but in the end we all agreed that they would vote Oui!
Looking back, maybe our future endeavor is a bit grandiose. But one can always dream!

Until next month....Au Revoir mes amies! xoxoxo

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